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Our Management Consulting practice provides middle-market and Fortune 1,000 companies with a trusted partner to provide keen insight into industry and competitive dynamics and the ability to translate this market information into winning growth strategies.

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Market Analysis – For a business to maximize its chances for success, it needs to identify opportunities, understand the competition, objectively assess its own strengths and weaknesses, and clearly define goals and plans to capture the desired market share. Segmentation analysis, technology assessment, competitive landscaping and analysis, and market research are just some of the areas in which Gates and Company can help your business.

Strategy Formulation – Strategy is about winning. Establishing a primary sense of direction that is simple, agreed to, and forward-looking ensures a successful implementation. Our consultants have significant experience translating management goals into winning strategies. We have helped in areas such as differentiation strategy, pricing models, acquisition planning and target identification/qualification, new venture planning, barriers to entry, establishing and sustaining competitive advantage, and strategic alliance formation.

Financial Strategy Development – When pursuing new initiatives, understanding the funding requirements and projecting financial impact is a necessary first step. Selecting the proper blend of funding and deciding which projects will provide the best return on investment can have significant impact on growth and corporate control. Gates and Company can provide assistance in areas such as cash flow analysis/management, business valuation, financial planning, budgeting and forecasting, and merger and acquisition analysis and support.

Plan Development and Implementation – Whatever your needs, we can help.  We have strategized and developed many different types of plans for our clients, including: financial, strategic, marketing, manufacturing, operations, product/venture launch, sales, business, communications, market expansion and/or entry, and tactical.  All top-caliber companies use such plans to provide coherence and direction to the various decisions they make. The plans we develop in collaboration with our clients are used for internal guidance, but also represent the business to potential funders, investors, partners, buyers, or sellers.


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